Reflecting on Raindrops

A while back I posted some of my thoughts about the rain.  I've got just one more thing to add...I LOVE the way raindrops look on the windshield of my car. In a round about way, they remind me of my husband.

Back when we were 'just friends' (for five years before we started dating) I was missing him bad. He was in the jungles of Guatemala, on a two year mission for our church. That particular day I was thinking of him while sitting in my parked car. The small raindrops tapped on the car's exterior, and I enjoyed watching those tiny drops of water form on the windshield. It was the type of rain storm that we are accustomed to here in California, mellow and short-lived. As the rain slowed and clouds lifted, the afternoon sun was low in the sky. I watched each of those tiny raindrops light up with a miniature sunset. It was perfect.

One thing that kept us feeling close during those two years was the thought of sharing the same sky. The sun, moon and especially the stars were common topics in our letters because we knew that if we both just looked up, we would see the same thing. It was as if we could see each other when we saw that sky.

windshield 4

windshield 3


  1. Kara, you have a gift for seeing and capturing the beauty in small things.

  2. I have always loved the rain. I was missing it this morning, too. It rained the night Brandon and I first met, actually. Looking back now I childishly wonder if it was 'a sign'. Doubtful, but a nice thought all together. :)
    Thanks for the post. The pictures somewhat recreate the feeling of it actually raining outside. Love it.