Happy Daddy Day!

Evelyn is so lucky to have the daddy that she does. He absolutely adores her and it fills me up with joy to see them together! I love how he wants to show her off to everyone at any chance he gets. And how every time he comes home from work he is shocked by how much she changed and learned. I love them both so much and just wanted to do a little something to wish my love a:

fathers day-3


DeMille Family Awesomeness

Right before I headed to the park to do this portrait session with the DeMille's, I thought...it would be kinda fun to bring some random props. I was at my parent's house and they have 20+ years worth of halloween costumes, so I stuffed a bag full of the most ridiculous ones and went on my way. I had no idea whether this family was the type to go for something like that, but luckily they WERE! So after you scroll through the lovely traditional family portraits, please enjoy the random and fun side of the DeMilles!
DeMille Blog

DeMille Blog-7

heritage park fullerton family portrait

Most Loving brother and sister award goes to these two.
heritage park portrait photographer

fullerton family portrait photographer

orange county family portrait photographer

sombrero prop orange county

ranchero sombrero

costume boa sombrero

family costume portrait photographer


DeMille Family Preview

Here is something fun we did during our portrait session. I love how the colored confetti looks against a white sky!