Monday Inspiration

Lately I've been thinking about what inspires me. These thoughts began while I was driving toward the hills in Brea on Friday and I could see the most magnificent thunder clouds directly above. Immediately I was taken back to my short time in Sumava, or The Bohemian Forrest, of the Czech Republic. As I approached the hills in Brea, I pictured myself at the very top of them, lying in the green grass and looking at the clouds. That thought has such a therapeutic calming effect, that I've been going back to it ever since. This morning I tried to seek out some pictures from my trip to Sumava. I found a couple that help to show what I remember. May these pictures and thoughts carry me through the week!
czeck republic-1-2


Pamela & Mike Maternity Shoot

I am so happy that I got to take these pictures for some of my favorite people ever! Pamela has always talked about how she wanted little blonde surfer boys and I have no doubts that this little guy will fill that role. Both of his parents already rock at surfing.
Seal Beach Maternity-1

Seal Beach Maternity-1-2

Seal Beach Maternity-1-3

Seal Beach Maternity-1-14

Seal Beach Maternity-1-11

Seal Beach Maternity-1-10

Seal Beach Maternity-1-13

Seal Beach Maternity-1-8

Seal Beach Maternity-1-6

Seal Beach Maternity-1-5

Seal Beach Maternity-1-15

Seal Beach Maternity-1-17

Seal Beach Maternity-1-4


Larsen Family

Even though my family's photo shoot involved a tripod and self timer, we still had tons of fun. I don't think any of our poses were 'normal', because we get so silly with a camera in front of us. Look forward to more!


Pamela & Mike Sneak Peak

I love that my husband is sitting behind me voting for what pictures I should choose for this sneak peak. My favorite thing he said was, 'YEAH! Pick that one. It gets me really excited about seeing more.' Hopefully this little taste gets everybody excited to see the rest!
Seal Beach Maternity-1-3

Seal Beach Maternity-1-2

Seal Beach Maternity-1-6


A Morning At The Park

A lot of times Evie and I go for a morning walk, and some of those times we end up at the park. It was a perfect park day, we played on the slides, in the sand and on the grass. I love having this little girl as a reason to get out and do fun things! Sometimes I get so busy I forget to play :)
Brea Park-1

Brea Park-1-3

Brea Park-1-4

Brea Park-1-2


Shannon & Ricky - MARRIED!

I had the pleasure of second shooting with Tegyn Friedman for this fun wedding! These two were sealed in the LDS Los Angeles Temple and had a lovely ring ceremony and reception at the Cerritos Center of the Performing Arts.