Monday Inspiration

Lately I've been thinking about what inspires me. These thoughts began while I was driving toward the hills in Brea on Friday and I could see the most magnificent thunder clouds directly above. Immediately I was taken back to my short time in Sumava, or The Bohemian Forrest, of the Czech Republic. As I approached the hills in Brea, I pictured myself at the very top of them, lying in the green grass and looking at the clouds. That thought has such a therapeutic calming effect, that I've been going back to it ever since. This morning I tried to seek out some pictures from my trip to Sumava. I found a couple that help to show what I remember. May these pictures and thoughts carry me through the week!
czeck republic-1-2


  1. That's gorgeous! I would love to lay there and stare at some clouds. A great thinking spot! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. WOW. Incredible! During my C-section I had a "happy place" and that was also looking up into the clouds. TMI? Maybe. But this is SO gorgeous!