Melissa + Nick: Preview

This past weekend I stepped out of my 'Industrial Design student' role and photographed a wedding! It was such a nice change of pace, especially since the couple was pure wonderfulness. Melissa definitely takes the cake for most organized bride, I LOVED working with her. Here is a little sneak peak of the day!

m+n thanks-2
m+n thanks
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Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving has taken a special place in my heart this year. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, and have grown so much personally. I decided it is time to write down some grateful thoughts that have been passing through my mind. 

This past year I am especially grateful for: 
A family we hardly knew that opened up their home to let us live with them. 
The love and friendship we now have with said family. 
Generous Grandparents-in-law who opened up their home to let us live with them. 
Delicious Vietnamese food as a result of living with said Grandparents. 
New cleaning and efficiency skills I would not have otherwise learned. 
The way I have seen my personality refined as I learn to live happily with others. 
Parents, siblings and in-laws who so willingly help watch my daughter when I need it. 
Family members who love and teach her. 
A husband who makes sacrifices I can’t even imagine in order to support his girls. 
(and while I’m talking about him) The little things he does to make me feel loved, even when we are thousands of miles apart! 
The opportunity to return to college and get a design degree. 
How empowered I feel, knowing I went back to school with all odds against me. 
The motivation and excitement that has continued to push me while pursuing photography. 
The fact that my husband is my best friend, and how our love has been strengthened through the difficulties we’ve braved together. 
An intelligent, healthy and loving daughter! 

I can’t possibly list everything but this is a good start. Overall, my gratitude is for the strength I have felt as Mike and I have waded through this interesting and exciting, yet challenging year. I have no doubt that strength is from Christ, and it is him whom I am grateful for above all. Happy thanksgiving everyone! 

p.s. i call the picture above forest in motion. what does the image make you think of? To me, it represents the way my life is moving so quickly right now, but at the same time, I want to stop and take in each moment.