Our Love For Rain

Although today is bright and sunny outside, we did have some tiny showers over the weekend. It got me thinking about these pictures I took a couple weeks ago...and how much I love the rain! It feels so good to bundle up inside with a cup of peach tea and watch it pour down. The sound of rain falling is ultimately relaxing. Also, have you noticed the way tree trunks and branches are nearly black and the leaves glow right after a rain storm? I LOVE the way that looks.

Evie must have inherited my love for rain, but she's even taking it to the next level. This was one of the first heavy rainstorms that she was old enough to really enjoy. She was SO eager to jump out of her grandma's arms and crawl around in the puddles. We figured, why not?

evelyn rainevelyn rain-2


Larsen Family/Giveaway Winner

I was so happy when this family won my photo shoot giveaway!  Their second baby was born just two weeks before the shoot, so I got to capture all her newborn adorableness. Enjoy their cute little family!
I love how she is yawning in both of these pictures with her parents.


Then we went and completely humiliated the poor little thing. Look at that face, she was not into crazy-feather-hat!





Everyday I am Thankful

For the most caring and wonderful husband, and the funnest baby girl!

evelyn rain-3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Natalie & Todd Sneak Peak

These two are looking so cute for their holiday photos.  We tried out some fun locations and got a lot of great shots.  Can't wait to get the rest of them up on the blog!




Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

Yesterday I posted some of the Holiday cards to my etsy account, colorheart.  I also reactivated all the items that had expired in my store, which are watercolors on handmade paper.  This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of my paintings had been featured in an etsy treasurey!  Check it out:


Christmas Cards

For the past couple weeks my mind has been in design mode! I've been sketching away, coming up with some fun Christmas cards. What do you think? These are available now for $12.00 each. Stay tuned, because there are a lot more in the works. I'd love to hear your feedback or any suggestions for more cards. I also offer custom designs, contact me for info.

If you'd like to order a card, send me an email (kararushforth@gmail.com) with the photo you want to use. I will insert the picture and send you a print ready file that you can take to your favorite card printing place.

These cards make me super excited for the holiday season...hope they do the same for you!






I Love My Family

Evelyn, for being adorable, and Mike for being adorable and taking sweet pictures.



Nancy & Jeff Engagement Session

I was very lucky to tag along with Jenn King on this fun photo shoot for Nancy and Jeff!  The location was  lovely and so was the couple! I can't wait to see the pictures of how amazing they look on their wedding day, in April.

N + J-7

N + J-3

N + J-6N + J-5

N + J-15

N + J-8N + J-18

N + J-12

N + J-17N + J-4

N + J-14

N + J-11N + J-20

N + J-19

N + J-2

N + J-21


The New Giveaway Winner

After not hearing back from the winner of my photo shoot giveaway, I chose a new winner this morning. But before I announce who it is, I just want to make sure that everyone who entered the contest knows that I'm offering them a $50 photo shoot to show my appreciation! Email me for details.

And now...



YAY! I am so happy for you to get pictures of your ADORABLE new baby girl! Call or email me so we can figure out all the details. CONGRATS!

P.S. For those of you wondering how I chose the winner, I used random.org and plugged in the amount of comments so it could generate a random number for me. This time it chose the number 1 and Kellie was the first person to comment.



Iliana, this post is for you because you are the giveaway winner! I don't have your contact info, so I hope you are reading this. If you would like to claim your free photo shoot comment on this post with your email address or just email me kararushforth@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon...if I still haven't by November 10th I will have to choose a new winner!



Our little Evie was the cutest clown for Halloween!  She wore a costume that my siblings and I each wore when we were about her age. As one of my friends said, she was vintage!  The best part about the costume was seeing her crawl in it.  The crawl is funny to begin with but with that oversized clown suit...lets just say she looked like she was missing her right leg.  Is that too morbid a description?  Well, it was Halloween so I'll leave it at that :)






Giveaway Winner!



Congratulations! I can't wait to meet you and set up our photo shoot session. Just send me an email at kararushforth@gmail.com so we can schedule and figure out the details.

As for everyone else who entered the contest, thank you for your support!  I was so happy with the turnout :)  I've decided to offer everyone who entered a one hour session for $50.  So, all the rest of you can also send me an email if you are interested. 

Congrats again, Iliana!


A Relaxing Sunday

For me, Sunday is usually the day to take it easy. It's my break from the week, when Mike gets to spend the whole day with us and we visit family. This past Sunday was no exception. We spent the afternoon with my family, and I had some fun experimenting with bubbles.


I also photographed this amazing tree. Anyone want to get their picture taken by it while it's still blooming and beautiful?


REMINDER!! There are only three days left to enter my giveaway for a free photo shoot!


Somebody Had a Birthday

And that somebody was Evie!  We started off the morning by presenting her with her very own birthday headband and number 1 flower, made by me.  The girl LOVES flowers, whenever she sees one she says "wow-wow-wower."  

birthday headband and flower

Then it was time for breakfast.

first birthday breakfast

Soon guests arrived and Evelyn had a blast opening her presents! Her favorite part was the all the pretty wrapping.

tissue paper first birthday

Next it was time for cake, yum! I made dairy-free banana cake because Evelyn is very allergic to dairy.

mini heart cake first birthday

(still loving the ribbons from her presents)

curled ribbon birthday

After Daddy blew out the candles on the big cake, she tried to catch the smoke. It was a wonderful birthday!

birthday banner

Thanks to my husband Mike for taking some great pictures!

P.S. Have you seen my giveaway?? Try your luck and enter now!