Jenna + Austin: Engagement Preview

It doesn't get much better than taking engagement pictures for your beautiful cousin, in a beautiful location, with perfect golden sun. Here is just a taste of what's to come.
Georgia Engagements-1-4
Georgia Engagements-1-3
Georgia Engagements-1


Denise + Zach: Orange County Engagements

Now that I've finished catching up on blog posts, I can share some more recent work! I was lucky enough to have my school schedule align with when these two were in town so we could do engagement photos. Denise had her heart set on a grassy field, and of course I loved the idea.
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-2
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-3
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-4
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-5
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-7
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-8
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-6
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-9
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-10
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-11
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-12
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-15
Engagements Tall Grassy Field-1-13


Katelyn + Nick: Newport Beach Wedding

This is the final "catch-up" post from last year's weddings. I second shot with Jenn King at the LDS Newport Beach temple. Katelyn and Nick had a cute vintage style, and I LOVED her lace tea-length dress!
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-2
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-3
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-4
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-5
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-6
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-7
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-8
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-9
Vintage Mormon Wedding Newport Beach-1-10


Kendra + Scott: Southern California Wedding

This adorable couple put together a wedding filled with the most amazing details! They were wed in the Newport Beach LDS Temple, and held a ring ceremony and reception at a perfect little Arts and Crafts style home. Kendra went all out with the details ranging from decor to food. I'm so glad I got to join Tegyn once again for this lovely day.
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-2
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-3
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-4
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-5
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-6
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-7
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-8
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-9
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-10
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-11
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-12
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-13
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-16
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-14
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-15
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-17
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-18
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-19
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-20
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-21
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-22
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-23
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-24
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-25
Vintage Cottage Wedding-1-26