Paige + Blake: Sneak Peak

Here are a few images from my shoot with Paige + Blake. They are my fun and very talented wedding photographer friends! You should stop by their blog, it's full of great stuff.






Merry Christmas

As an adult, Christmas is such a different experience from when you were a child. You learn to appreciate more than just the wanting and getting, the treats and santa. This year has been the most different Christmas for me, as our little family is getting life all figured out. Our decorations are packed away in boxes and hidden deep within a storage pile; but we've got plenty of friends and family around with nice trees, nativities, wreaths and lights for us to enjoy. We all know the decor isn't as important as the company anyway. And this year I'm trying hard to focus on the whole reason this holiday exists. 

Here is my great realization this holiday season...the act of giving gifts to others symbolizes God's gift of his son. I like that thought because it has brought more purpose to my gift giving. Instead of feeling obligated to buy gifts for a list of people, I thought about each individual and tried to do something that showed love. I hope everyone is finding their own way to enjoy this special time of year.



Reflecting on Raindrops

A while back I posted some of my thoughts about the rain.  I've got just one more thing to add...I LOVE the way raindrops look on the windshield of my car. In a round about way, they remind me of my husband.

Back when we were 'just friends' (for five years before we started dating) I was missing him bad. He was in the jungles of Guatemala, on a two year mission for our church. That particular day I was thinking of him while sitting in my parked car. The small raindrops tapped on the car's exterior, and I enjoyed watching those tiny drops of water form on the windshield. It was the type of rain storm that we are accustomed to here in California, mellow and short-lived. As the rain slowed and clouds lifted, the afternoon sun was low in the sky. I watched each of those tiny raindrops light up with a miniature sunset. It was perfect.

One thing that kept us feeling close during those two years was the thought of sharing the same sky. The sun, moon and especially the stars were common topics in our letters because we knew that if we both just looked up, we would see the same thing. It was as if we could see each other when we saw that sky.

windshield 4

windshield 3


Irwin Family Christmas Card

Maybe you are all better than me about getting those Christmas cards delivered BEFORE Christmas. But I'm sitting here with a giant stack of empty unaddressed envelopes, wondering if I should have gone for New Years cards instead.

Luckily not everyone is as behind as me! Here is a cute card that we just got in the mail yesterday, from a family I've known for a long time. Does the design look a little familiar? It was adapted from one of my holiday cards. I put this one together so they could include multiple photos and fit it on the bigger 6.5 x 7 size.

If you're still searching for a perfect holiday card, perhaps we need to chat and I can do a custom design for you! And if you're thinking New Years cards are looking good right about now, I can do that too :)


Photographs by Paige + Blake Green


The Wonderful Washington Family!

I've known this family for a long time, but never really had the chance to interact with all of them at once. I've been missing out. They are so fun together!

washington blog-1

washington blog-1-21

washington blog-1-25

My favorite thing was how the youngest boy helped us come up with some sweet poses! Like this one:

washington blog-1-5

washington blog-1-15

washington blog-1-12

washington blog-1-16

Good job on having two boys and two girls, it makes this shot perfect!

washington blog-1-18

washington blog-1-20

washington blog-1-11

washington blog-1-9


washington blog-1-10

washington blog-1-7

washington blog-1-22

The dad is a HUGE Saints fan. He busted out jerseys for the whole family.
washington blog-1-23

And another pose thought up by the youngest. What a cool family to go for this!

washington blog-1-24


Garret Family Continued...

Here are a few more images from the Garrett Family shoot. Check out the rest here.









Garrett Family - Preview!

It's fun watching the whole family interact when I do a multi-generational photo shoot. My favorite is the grandparents with their grandkids.





A Little Hair Bow

Things have been very busy lately with the holidays coming up. I've got two great family portrait sessions to share with you soon! But for now I thought I'd let you have a peak at one of the small joys in my life...the fact that I can now put a clip in Evelyn's hair. Not just laying flat on her head though, the kind of clip where the hair sticks straight up. Love it. Maybe you can all join me in thinking positive thoughts about long thick hair for this little baldie :)



Natalie & Todd Family Portraits...Couple Style

I had tons of fun taking pictures of Natalie and Todd! Natalie had a great vison of what she wanted and as we ran all over town during our shoot we found some awesome places for pictures.






These next two make me feel like a unicorn is going to jump into the picture, the light is so psychedelic :)








This was the last shot we took, and it just feels like a goodbye picture!