Merry Christmas

As an adult, Christmas is such a different experience from when you were a child. You learn to appreciate more than just the wanting and getting, the treats and santa. This year has been the most different Christmas for me, as our little family is getting life all figured out. Our decorations are packed away in boxes and hidden deep within a storage pile; but we've got plenty of friends and family around with nice trees, nativities, wreaths and lights for us to enjoy. We all know the decor isn't as important as the company anyway. And this year I'm trying hard to focus on the whole reason this holiday exists. 

Here is my great realization this holiday season...the act of giving gifts to others symbolizes God's gift of his son. I like that thought because it has brought more purpose to my gift giving. Instead of feeling obligated to buy gifts for a list of people, I thought about each individual and tried to do something that showed love. I hope everyone is finding their own way to enjoy this special time of year.


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