Baby Evelyn! This picture makes me smile and laugh every time I see it! I found this braid headband in my parent's "dress up bin" and put it on Evelyn thinking she'd rip it off. But she LOVES it! Of course me telling her that it's SO PRETTY adds to her excitement. But the best part is seeing her look at her self in the mirror when she's decked out as a blonde. She tilts her head from side to side and says "oooo".


Condon Family!

Isn't this family so great!? I can never get over how cute the kids are. Their daddy is leaving for Navy boot camp very soon so I offered up a family photo shoot. I figured it would be perfect to capture their family at this point in their lives, before they head down this new road.


Condon Family Sneak Peak!

I had so much fun with this ADORABLE family yesterday! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the afternoon. Stay tuned for more!


Daphne and Dutch

I love these kids! In photographing them, my goal was to capture their personalities without any posing or even taking the time to wash their cute faces. Daphne is a fashion designer in the making! Her outfit is actually a tank and two skirts layered. Dutch is the sweetest guy who loves to run around the yard and get dirty. I gotta admit, it was hard to get them to hold still long enough to snap some pictures, but the ones I got are precious.


More Lovely LOVE Photos

So...I've been totally geeking out in Adobe Lightroom (spending all my free time editing). I've got some more pictures from the wedding in Hemet to show you. And some ADORABLE shots of my room mates' children soon to come! Enjoy (and feel free to leave comments about your favorite photos)!



Photographing these two was a great experience.  They had a picturesque wedding in Hemet at a the 'hearts home farm'. I was surprised by the beautiful location! Thanks D plus C for letting me capture your special day!