Jenna + Austin: Bridals

As I begin to get more accustomed to life with two little girls, I'm finding bits of time to work on photography. Hopefully in the next few weeks this blog will be booming with updates. First up on the list is Jenna and Austin's wedding! But before I get to the actual wedding day, I've got to share some images from their incredible bridal session.
J+A Bridals-1-3
J+A Bridals-1
J+A Bridals-1-2
J+A Bridals-1-4
J+A Bridals-1-6
J+A Bridals-1-5
J+A Bridals-1-7
J+A Bridals-1-8
J+A Bridals-1-9
J+A Bridals-1-10
J+A Bridals-1-11
J+A Bridals-1-12
J+A Bridals-1-13
J+A Bridals-1-6-2
J+A Bridals-1-15
J+A Bridals-1-16
J+A Bridals-1-17
J+A Bridals-1-18
J+A Bridals-1-20
J+A Bridals-1-19
J+A Bridals-1-21
J+A Bridals-1-22
J+A Bridals-1-23
J+A Bridals-1-24
J+A Bridals-1-26
J+A Bridals-1-27
J+A Bridals-1-28
J+A Bridals-1-29
J+A Bridals-1-30