The Beauty of Easter

Happy Easter! Throughout all the fun of church and family time, I've been trying to let the importance of this day really sink in. It is so amazing that "in Christ all shall be made alive".
easter toddler-1


Family Time

I love how when Mike gets back from working, the first things he wants to do with Evelyn are get a kiss and then tickle her! Whenever he asks, "You want tickles?" she respondes with an ecstatic "YES!" I am treasuring the moments we get to spend together now that it's only a couple days, once a week. Here are some pictures of us having some fun with Evie. Also, you can find some awesome pictures of the Rushforth fam by our friends Paige + Blake on their blog.
Rushforth Family-1-4

Rushforth Family-1

Rushforth Family-1-3


Brynn & Reed: Married!

I always have so much fun assisting Tegyn Friedman, and this wedding was no different. Brynn and Reed are adorable together and great people. I'm so glad I got to spend two days with them and all their wedding beauty! They were sealed in the LDS San Diego Temple (you know, the one off the 5 fwy that looks like an ice palace). Once we wrapped up our session at the temple, we hurried over to La Jolla to catch the remaining light of the day. I was in heaven! It doesn't get much better than taking pictures of people in love in breathtaking scenery all during sunset.
LDS San Diego Temple Wedding-1-7

LDS San Diego Temple Wedding-1-2

LDS San Diego Temple Wedding-1-8

LDS sand diego temple Wedding-1

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-2

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-8

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-4

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-11

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-18

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-7

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-9

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-6

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-17

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-5

La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-3

And now for a few highlights from their wedding reception.
LDS wedding reception-1-3

LDS wedding reception-1-4

LDS wedding reception-1

LDS wedding reception-1-2


Brynn + Reed: Preview

Soon, I will have a whole slew of Brynn and Reed's wedding photos to show you. But in the meantime, I am melting over this one!
La Jolla Beach Wedding-1-7

Thank you Tegyn Friedman for having me assist you!


Another Park Day

When my husband first began his flight training at Scenic in Boulder City, NV he was gone for two weeks. During that time, I liked to dressed Evie in outfits that reminded me of him. We sure do miss him when he's away, but we know this time will pass by quickly. We keep busy by filling the days with fun, and he is living his dream flying the Twin Otter over the Grand Canyon.
craig park fullerton-1-3

craig park fullerton-1

craig park fullerton-1-2

Yes, she was eating sand...I figured it's the fastest way to teach her it is gross :)
evie loves daddy-1-2