Family Time

I love how when Mike gets back from working, the first things he wants to do with Evelyn are get a kiss and then tickle her! Whenever he asks, "You want tickles?" she respondes with an ecstatic "YES!" I am treasuring the moments we get to spend together now that it's only a couple days, once a week. Here are some pictures of us having some fun with Evie. Also, you can find some awesome pictures of the Rushforth fam by our friends Paige + Blake on their blog.
Rushforth Family-1-4

Rushforth Family-1

Rushforth Family-1-3


  1. you are the cutest family!!! i can't say enough times how cute all of these photos are!

  2. You have to be kidding me, she is AMAZING.

  3. Great family! I'm so happy for you.

  4. Love the pictures, you are such a great photographer!!!! What a beautiful family you 3 are :)

  5. Your family portraits turned out SO GREAT! You are a beautiful family :)