Another Park Day

When my husband first began his flight training at Scenic in Boulder City, NV he was gone for two weeks. During that time, I liked to dressed Evie in outfits that reminded me of him. We sure do miss him when he's away, but we know this time will pass by quickly. We keep busy by filling the days with fun, and he is living his dream flying the Twin Otter over the Grand Canyon.
craig park fullerton-1-3

craig park fullerton-1

craig park fullerton-1-2

Yes, she was eating sand...I figured it's the fastest way to teach her it is gross :)
evie loves daddy-1-2


  1. i love that baby!!! adorable!

  2. ohhh I love seeing new Evie pictures!

  3. she looks so mad that you let her eat sand! she's growing the fastest!

  4. Woa, she's really starting to look like you, Kara.

  5. Before you know it she will be corn-doggin it!