Our Love For Rain

Although today is bright and sunny outside, we did have some tiny showers over the weekend. It got me thinking about these pictures I took a couple weeks ago...and how much I love the rain! It feels so good to bundle up inside with a cup of peach tea and watch it pour down. The sound of rain falling is ultimately relaxing. Also, have you noticed the way tree trunks and branches are nearly black and the leaves glow right after a rain storm? I LOVE the way that looks.

Evie must have inherited my love for rain, but she's even taking it to the next level. This was one of the first heavy rainstorms that she was old enough to really enjoy. She was SO eager to jump out of her grandma's arms and crawl around in the puddles. We figured, why not?

evelyn rainevelyn rain-2

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  1. Oh how lovely! She has gotten so big! (We have so much rain right now it's hard to appreciate it with such fervor, but today on my way to my friend's house, in my rain boots I jumped into at least 3 delicious puddles and it was awesome)