Somebody Had a Birthday

And that somebody was Evie!  We started off the morning by presenting her with her very own birthday headband and number 1 flower, made by me.  The girl LOVES flowers, whenever she sees one she says "wow-wow-wower."  

birthday headband and flower

Then it was time for breakfast.

first birthday breakfast

Soon guests arrived and Evelyn had a blast opening her presents! Her favorite part was the all the pretty wrapping.

tissue paper first birthday

Next it was time for cake, yum! I made dairy-free banana cake because Evelyn is very allergic to dairy.

mini heart cake first birthday

(still loving the ribbons from her presents)

curled ribbon birthday

After Daddy blew out the candles on the big cake, she tried to catch the smoke. It was a wonderful birthday!

birthday banner

Thanks to my husband Mike for taking some great pictures!

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  1. these are adorable! the decoration look so great kara.I wish tyler and I could have made it. miss you guys :)

  2. youre so creative, kara! i enjoy looking at the pictures =]

  3. she's so beautiful! and growing so fast

  4. I love the headband idea! SO creative! Happy First Birthday Evelyn!!! Times flyin' by!

  5. Awh! Glad you got the recipe ok. Her eyes are so gorgeous!!