Monica & Mat - The Details: Pt. 1

I was so very lucky to assist Jessica Feely for this beautiful wedding. My job was specifically to capture all the details, so that is what I did. And I did a lot. After sorting through hundreds and hundreds of photos, I have selected the best of the best to show you. I know, detail overload right?! I've even broken this up into THREE posts! This one is purely details of decor, the next post will be the venue and people and the third post will be dedicated to ring shots (which I had so much fun doing)!

Floral and centerpieces.

The invitations.

The "guest book".

The rose petals to toss down the isle.

The chandelier above the altar.

The guest name cards.

WHEW! You made it through! Check back soon for more :) Oh, and please check out Jessica Feely's blog for the rest of this beautiful wedding.


  1. beautiful!! such a pretty wedding!

  2. love these beautiful details!!! :-)

  3. Great post Kara!! Thanks again for coming along to my wedding, it was really great having you there :) Keep in touch girl!