Pamela & Mike Maternity Shoot

I am so happy that I got to take these pictures for some of my favorite people ever! Pamela has always talked about how she wanted little blonde surfer boys and I have no doubts that this little guy will fill that role. Both of his parents already rock at surfing.
Seal Beach Maternity-1

Seal Beach Maternity-1-2

Seal Beach Maternity-1-3

Seal Beach Maternity-1-14

Seal Beach Maternity-1-11

Seal Beach Maternity-1-10

Seal Beach Maternity-1-13

Seal Beach Maternity-1-8

Seal Beach Maternity-1-6

Seal Beach Maternity-1-5

Seal Beach Maternity-1-15

Seal Beach Maternity-1-17

Seal Beach Maternity-1-4


  1. oh my. kara.
    i LOVE THIS!!! they are beautiful.

  2. How fun to be able to shoot on the beach. I'm so glad you commented, we love Mike and your photos are awesome!